I have sensory disorder.

by Opal

When I was little I was diagnosed with a sensory disorder but I didnt know till last year. I used to have to be blow dried when I got out of the shower or bath, I loved playing in laundry soap or sand, I loved to eat sand and fabric softeners when my mom wasnt looking,I couldnt ever wear my shoes again once they got wet, I would only wear leggings jeans bugged me, when certain things such as being uneven are wrong I would cry and throw things, I would get so mad but couldnt control it!

Im 15 now and I found out last year why I would care so much about things being uneven and if I cant figure something out I cry I thought I was weird and I didnt want anyone to find out. I still hate things being uneven I HATE it! I cant eat certain foods cause of its texture is so bad like tomatoes, I still like to play in sand not because its fun but cause of how it feels. Im still picky about some of my clothes and always complaining that certain parts of my body are uneven like one arm is longer and one foot is bigger. All of these things annoy me and other people. If I cant have it even I dont want it at all. I have learned that when things are uneven before throwing a fit to just breath and leave the room. Talking to people about this disorder doesn't help me it just makes me more mad they say they understand but they cant cause they haven't gone through this.

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