I have SPD, but really, REALLY weird triggers.

by Kellan

So, I'm a 13 yr old boy with ADHD/SPD/Anxiety. On the topic of things that trigger my SPD, it's weird. Mostly its when I get stressed about my laptop being laggy and slow? Or, when someone I love is being an idiot. I usually end up scratching myself, crying so hard I lose my voice, wanting to scream, or sometimes letting my kitten scratch my arms.

Any help?? Because it's getting bad. My scratches will most likely scar and I can't tell anyone, because I've had a history of self-harm and my parents would FREAK.

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May 23, 2016
by: Anonymous

If you know what bothers you, then my advise would be to walk away when a trigger happens. Listen to music that is calming or makes you feel good. Don't let yourself get to where you harm yourself. When a trigger happens go in your room and sit with your eyes closed and listen to music. Another thing that helps is writing your feelings in a notebook or just on a piece of paper, you can throw it away after you're done, but it has helped me over the years. I know it seems easier said than done, but if you really don't want to harm yourself, then don't. There are things you can do to calm down before you get really upset. Color, Draw, Listen to Music, Sit with your eyes closed and listen to music, Write out your feelings, etc. Also, PRAY! It may not heal you, but if you sit in your room and just say "GOD, YOU know that I have SPD and that I have certain triggers, it is overwhelming right now, but I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. YOU do not want me to harm myself. Please help me be calm and find peace in YOU." I really hope this helps. Good luck! And please, don't harm yourself...you are a child of GOD and you are loved by GOD...even if you do not know it or believe in HIM.

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