I May Have 2 Sons With SPD


Kristian (5yrs old) Kayden (2months old )

Kristian (5yrs old) Kayden (2months old )

Hi I am a mother of 5 loving children.I have a 15yr old son,10yr old daughter,7yr old son,5yr old son and a 6month old son. I was told in 2007 through the preschool OT that my 5 yr old has a sensory disorder.

He has had many problems that started from birth. He was born with a heart murmur that took longer to close... he had stopped breathing 3 times with in hours of birth and needed to be put on a feeding tube and oxygen for 3 days. When we were able to bring him home I found out from day one that I was not going to get much rest.

Every night at 9 pm he would start fussing that later would turn into crying and screaming until 4-5 am. I went through this every night. No matter what I did to try and comfort him he would cry. This lasted for almost 2 yrs. At age 3 he would have nothing to do with potty training and would often bite his self on the hand and was always drooling and chewing on his shirt collars and sleeves.

My mother told me I might want to look into having him tested for autism. Being a mother I did not want to hear that. So I waited till he was ready to start school to have him tested and I wish now that I would have done this earlier. I am having a HARD time getting the school to help me with getting an aid for him and I am afraid that he is going to be labeled a trouble maker.

I just talked to the principal yesterday and got nothing out of it but a waste of time. And now that I know some of the signs of SPD I am now seeing the same things in my 6 month old. And my sister-in-law last week was just told that her 2 yr old has SPD. So if anyone can tell me when is the best age to have them tested please let me know. You can even email me at

Racehunter24_48@yahoo.com. Thank You and God Bless

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Apr 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

Gosh, I can tell your overwhelmed and scared and I'm sorry for that. I felt exactly the same way. My daughter wasn't diagnosed until she was in 2nd grade. By that time we were in a panic at home she was so talented artistically and so engaging but at school she was a total mess! She was barely able to stay focused, shrank away from the other children, and flunked just about every test. We knew she was smart!

The early years were very similar to yours although she had no medical issues. She cried constantly was clingy and was so different than my first child. Doctors saw her as "on schedule" even though she didn't walk until 18 months. And we had such a predictable routine at home I wasn't prepared for the shock that came with her struggles at school. I've been told that before the age of 2 is the best time to get OT. But we started when she was 7 and found it very helpful. I became an avid reader on the subject and found comfort in many, many stories like mine.

It's a long journey but trust me it will get better. The truth is once you learn about SPD you realize EVERYONE has some issues. Your sons will grow into fine capable young men they are just going to take all of your patience and understanding.

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