I might be diagnosed with SPD.

by hannah

I am 10 years old and i like reading this site because it makes me feel comfortable because they are other people like me...

I Cant wear socks because they make me feel weird, I cant wear the proper school polo's or trousers/skirts but my teachers understand, so i can wear a plain white top and black leggings. i like wearing leggings because they are tight on my skin, i mostly wear flipflops or flats. i dont wear trainers and struggle with finding the right shoes, i dont like the fat tongues on the trainers either.

I have an older brother who is 12 and he is diagnosed with aspergers syndrome, the doctors want to test me for that too but my parents dont think i have it neither do i, i am waiting to see the psychologist for a diagnosis and i might also have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and SPD (sensory processing disorder).

Its made me feel better knowing that there is a reason why i feel like this and there is a name for it and its not my fault.

I like reading other peoples stories on here and some of them are like me.

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