I need help! Aggressive, yelling, noises, lying, Agruing, refusing to do school work all new.

by Cheryl
(Largo, Fl)

My son (12) was DX with SID when he was just 3. I know the title has changed but we were very lucky to catch it, he was loving and was very determined, just did everything a little differently. He couldn't even cross the midline. He was textbook sensory and a high IQ. But not autistic, not that it would have made a difference, he sure acted like it. I was a advocate for him. We did OT FOR 5 years with great success. We realized he has ADHD and after a terrible year in 4th grade we decided to try medication. Finally in 5th grade honor roll and he was happy. Well, don't know what has happened. First semester he did ok. Now he is so aggressive, angry, can't get him to listen. He is defiant to me. He yells and argues with me all the time and is so sassy, doesn't hit me or anyone. Refuses to do his homework assignment and study and his chores. I am so sad. Don't know what to do.

He has 4 d's at school and his teacher says he makes noises all the time during quite time. I don't know what to do. He has aged out of the program he was in. I tried to find a tutor dut it is unaffordable to us. His psychiatrist says it is behavior but my gut is telling me it is something more. I liked at his 504 and nothing and no help from school. Then I realized he has grown 7 inches this year and maybe this is more sensory related. Was wondering if anyone might have an idea what this could be or suggestions of how i can deal with him?

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Dec 16, 2013
I have similar experiences off and on
by: Anonymous

My son (7 yo) has SPD and recently went through a similar period with problems at school, including the noise making. He has grown a lot recently as well and I fully believe that causes his sensory issues to intensify. I told his teacher that I was pretty certain in a few weeks it would all stablize again and it has.

I was also looking into a disorder called PANDA too which can be triggered by a strep infection. You might google for it. I don't know if that was causing my sons issues as his pediatrician didn't know much about it. She referred us to a neurologist. We have an appt with the neurol but not until Feb. In the meantime my son is doing well again at school so the panic phase for me is over -- again. These periods just come and go for him and I've learned to just clinch my teeth and pray a lot when they come and believe that it will pass -- and it does.

Hope this helps.


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