I need help with my son

I a very concerned about my son. He was diagnosed at 4 with Sensory Integration Dysfunction, but a very mild case. He is now 10. Our insurance will not pay for therapy. He received small amount from the school which was pretty worthless and he still show signs of things that I do not think are typical kid things. Perhaps it is the parenting as my husband says but I think it is more.

Tonight he had a major tantrum. He had slumber party the night before and the boys all stayed up all night so he had not had sleep in 36 hours.

When we brought him to bed, he asked if he could wear a pullup so we would not have to wake him (yes he still wets the bed). He became angry which is a typical reaction for someone who was half asleep and groggy. When we kept trying he stood up and with his arm swept everything from the dresser. I yelled at him and he then ran blindly and threw himself at the wall and it almost knocked himself silly.

My husband did not see this but came running. He says I am over reacting and it is just attention getting but I am not convinced. These things usually happen with me but he will do them with dad too.

Am I crazy and where can I get help. We are a moderate income family with insurance but our insurance does not pay for therapy for SI and the cost is not something we can afford. We live in Atlanta and I do not know where to find out if these tantrums are a problem.

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Nov 30, 2008
Classic moment for sure
by: Anonymous

Hang in there! You're right - things tend to unravel the most when everyone is tired and your guard is down. I punched a whole in the wall out of 6 years of frustration with my son, and of course feel about 1 inch tall now. The wall has been patched but it also has taught me to be hypervigilent at the "witching hour" I call bedtime, when Everett starts whining, fighting me on going to the bathroom (I'll go in the morning), I'll brush my teeth in the morning... etc.

Our son wanted to sleep in a huge pile of blankets on the couch on a school night - I said "go for it," after careful deliberation, then my wife came in and said "no way." And thus began a 2-hour sob, screaming fest of epic proportions.

So now he can sleep in his "couch cave" on weekends - it gives him something to look forward to -- but I have definitely learned to pick my battles carefully! It's OK to let the kids win some too - I just think they are trying to communicate the best they can - maybe your son was worried and though the diaper was a good idea - hard for us to get in their skin and understand all of their little requests --- but everything is going to be OK!

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