by Julia

I'm 13 and I don't know exactly what I have but I would love it if you helped. I cant wear ANYTHING but shorts and a t-shirt because pants, long sleeve shirts, shirt collars, anything that touches my legs, jackets, etc. all make me have severe panic attacks. When anyone touches me I have panic attacks and I have a really hard time emotionally and socially. Because of this I have had to change school many times. I have the worst time falling asleep because i think of EVERYTHING that could go wrong while I am asleep.

I have a really hard times in crowds I because of that I start to freak out and I have to go away to calm down.Eating certain food texture make me freak out also and If any of my food touches then i also freak out! I have the hardest time paying attention in class and I constantly have to be ding something with my hands which gets me in trouble in class.

I am also very sensitive to anything like if someone says ANYTHING i may or may not like I FREAK out. I wish I didn't but I just cant help it!! If I don't stick to my routine i feel like the world is ending!!! Showers are really hard for me because I HATE it when water touches the top of my head!! I can NEVER decide on anything and finally when my mom or dad decide for me I always feel like it was the wrong answer!!!

My parent have had me go to many therapist and social classes but none of it is working and I don't know what to do!!If you could email me with some help that would be great!! HERE IS MY EMAIL: juliaboolia01@gmail.com

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