I need some help PLEASE !😔

by Monica marulanda
(Deltona ,fl)

My 12 yr old boy on November 10 2015 for hm from school , has some Chinese food and has never right since A lot of the questions on the check list he does have , but since that date he started telling me he didt feel well , he would sit , bend over , or stand and get very unbalanced . I say unbalanced cause he is not dizzy .

He describes it as like he has a bag of mulch on his back that is pulling him in every direction with a sensation of falling not vertigo , Drs wanted to put tubes in his ears but he has never been a boy who suffered from ear infections as a baby or toddler , In the end he did not need tubes because I got a second opinion he felt MAYBE the tubes would work because he saw a lot of pressure , but this has turned to have gotten better , he has high cholesterol , and his dad passed of a massive heart attack when he was 7, which unfortunately he had to witness, but with all that said if any one has any answers for me PLEASE A WIDOWED WORRIED MOM , needs all the help u can get !

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