I never knew

by Mari

I was and always will be a insomniac. My own mother has told me stories of my baby/toddler years and, how I never slept. I still do not sleep.

Well this year my mom gave me a king size down comforter. It’s freaking HUGE. Anyways, I’ve been using it since it’s got a little cooler. (It’s cold in our OLD house)

Well last weekend it was HOT! So my husband refused to let me sleep w/ this comforter. I didn’t sleep all weekend, even though I was sick as a dog and really tired.

Last night the temps dropped I took my comforter out and went to sleep in no time.
I didn’t realize until the blanket was taken away that I’ve been going to sleep w/ no problem since I’ve been using that comforter.

I think it’s the weight of the blanket? That’s the only thing that felt different when my husband took the comforter away. I thought is was so strange?

But I realized it weight of the blanket on me, that literally comforts me and I fall asleep in less than 10 minutes…as opposed to 2-3 hours of tossing and turning.

I then started to research this and found this website. I believe it now.

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