I still don't know what is going on with my almost 3 year old

by Ana
(Miami, FL)

I have been on a very confusing journey with my Alexander. He is the sweetest boy, but there are some things he just won't do. I took him to an early intervention program, the neurologist, psychologist, etc. He was diagnosed with a PDD, and he was put on the spectrum.

The main problem with him has always been consistency. It's not that he can't but that he won't. I don't know if I'm making any sense. The main reasons we took him to an early intervention program is because he would not talk as much, but now he talks a lot, albeit it's a little jumbled and mostly he repeats things he hears, not verbatim but he applies it to his talking and playing.

He appropriately plays with toys and uses imagination properly, but he is more into telling you shapes, letters, songs, numbers, than actually having a conversation. The other thing was eye contact, which has improved tremendously and I can see he knows he is being called but he chooses to ignore you for a while.

The biggest reason I looked into the SPD list was because he can't jump and I was told it could be Gravitational Insecurity but he doesn't check off all the other things in that category. He tries but he goes all the way to his tip toes and then down. He used to jump on the bouncer, but we did not use it as much. I still don't know how to help him JUMP! I read through SPD symptoms but he doesn't get maybe one or two or none per category. I am so confused! I just want to help him so desperately.

I have put him in ABA as per the neurologist's orders but I'm not sure that is the answer. He learns so quickly and he's called "little genius" by the therapists, but it's not the intelligence part is the "doing certain things kids do at that age" part. I don't know if I am giving him the right help, and I hope someone could guide me. I'm doing everything I am told to do and he is almost there but he is not quite there yet, again, don't know if I am making any sense.

I don't know if it is SPD or if it's PDD but he is not getting the right treatment. I hope someone can help me..

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