I still think... I was a nudist in my past life.. lol

by Meis
(somewhere )

I have written on here before. (10 July 2016-meis)

Please read it first if you would like.

I feel like this is the only place I can talk about my little bit of annoying problem....
I have told my husband to please be patient with me regarding this as I am batteling to control it.

... Is it just me... but it is as if it is getting worse by the years. My husband with a short beard will on my cheeck and I want to go mad. (Since when? wtf)

If I walk barefoot on carpet... I will be fine and the later I want to die and walk around with shoes or slippers in the house.

Why cant teens not pick up their feet when walking? I eant to go all nutty if I here feet sliding on carpet or cement.

I bought new pillow cases... o lucky me.... I cant touch it. I have a lot softer material pillow case over it.

My husband can touch me... but do not dare letting your arm hair touch my arms. Dont even think on touching me if your hands are rough. (wtf since when?)

I cant hold my baby when we are swimming... why... Because her swimsuit makes me go goosbumps from head to toe.

Just looking at material without touching it my fingers starts rubbing against each other to get the feeling of the material of my fingers

Talking about it.... yeah I have goosebumps.

My hair is long and since yesterday I have tide it up in a rough bunn. Just so that it wont touch my neck and back. (wtf)

I am so tired of this feeling.
Maybe I should start wearing one of those radio active outfits.

Thank you for reading and sharing your stories helps me feel better that I am not alone with this weirdness.

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