I think folks think I'm being difficult

I can't hand write. I'm always breaking pencil lead and I can not seem to write neatly with all my letters slanting same direction or even make my letters sizes uniform. I have fantastic legs but right now literally they are covered in bruises from banging into furniture.

My arms don't have a single scratch or scrape. It's frustrating. I can't stand anything being stuck to my skin, dirt, sand, food. But I' can withstand 14 straight hours of tattoo work being done to me. So I feel like a contradiction all the time.

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Jun 30, 2016
You're not
by: Anonymous

I understand ( or I think I do)... I have a 18 yr old daughter that had battled all her life with SPD. She can pick her self so badly that she has caused bald patches in her hair, scars on her limbs as if she has been burnt with cigarettes but she can't bare having fine haired over her body. She suffers when there our oud noises around her, but she can scream, clap, sing and shout. I'm understanding that just because one thing effects you, others don't. SPD is very complex and unless you understand it or you're around someone with it, never judge.

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