I think I have SPD

by Caitlyn
(Australia )

I’m 31 F and since things like sensory processing disorder became better known I’ve always thought that must be what I have!

Socks are the bane of my existence cos they are always scratchy/uncomfortable but I also hate bare feet cos my feet feel too cold (even in summer). When I started school at 5yrs old, my mum had to make a sticker chart where I would get stickers for things like “putting shoes and socks on without a fuss” lol. She’d drench my socks in fabric softener and I’d still complain!

Other examples I can think of is fussy eating (don’t like spicy foods or trying anything new). Even to the point where if I take a bite of something that I don’t like, I get this brief sensation of my throat closing up! My gag reflex is also so strong and if I’m made to eat something I really dislike I’ll definitely gag.

Light/brightness is another one. My phone screen is on the lowest light setting (so low that if I want to show someone else something on my phone I always have to turn up the brightness for them). I hate when my room is not pitch black and have to wear earplugs and an eye mask to fall asleep. Also have a weighted blanket and multiple perfectly placed pillows/cushions lol.

Always have gotten motion sick. Strong smells give me a massive headache. Can’t concentrate on anything that demands a lot of attention when there’s other stuff going on in the room.

Omg noises. I often hear certain noises and can’t really tell where they are coming from but they legit keep me awake. It might be an appliance running somewhere in the house or construction at the end of the road. Loud noises make me jump too.

Always feel too hot and sometimes too cold (barely even just right). And last thing I’ll mention is if I’m laying in bed about to go to sleep, if there is even one single drop of urine in my bladder, I’ll have to get up and go to the toilet (otherwise I just keep thinking about it and can’t fall asleep).

Just wanted a little rant and to not feel so alone.

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