I think i have this im 20

by Jacob
(New York)

Don't touch me and turn the radio up.

Don't touch me and turn the radio up.

My mom and my sister always said there was something wrong with me when I was very little. I met this woman with two missionarys from my church to teach her. Her son had this very bad and watching him was more and more reminding me of myself when I was real little, just more severe and some things were different.

I use to do this crazy little breathing thing that started to be really annoying in 6th grade i would have to blow air out of my nose and clench my throat then breathe in over and over again until I got it just right. I wouldn't let anybody touch me when I was little. Super fearful of the dentist.

I went on a roller coast when I was little (i was extremely scared to go on) and felt like someone took a sledge hammer to my brain after wards. Then I got into drugs when i was 15 and they didn't affect me like everyone else they messed with me so bad. I use to talk a lot and now do again since quitting and justing the church (www.mormon.org) But on weed or LSD i would not be able to talk, i was the observer. I was big into biteing i just loved the feeling when i was little. Then i took lsd one time and i remember I had such a strong animal like urge to bite again (it messes with your senses).. I would always be very powerfull and bold when i was little with fighting people and wrestleing and stuff (3 and up+) Going down the escalator was very scary.

Most of the things on the following checklist I could check. Any advice? banshek7@gmail.com Thanks. I have a lot of advice in return. Like brain training. (wearing earplugs and doing things, wearing an eyepatch and reading a book) stuff like that. Thanks

Hypersensitivity To Touch (Tactile Defensiveness)
1. Sensory Seeking Behaviors:
Hyposensitivity To Sounds (Under-Registers):

Hypersensitivity To Smells (Over-Responsive):

1. Hypersensitivity To Visual Input (Over-Responsiveness)


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