I think my daughter has SPD

by concerned mom

We've always noticed little things since my daughter was a toddler that were different. As an infant she constantly cried. Nothing made her happy and then even as a toddler she would have these crying spells where for no reason she would scream and cry for 10 or 15 minutes. Eventually she would calm down and it was almost like a switch she would just go about playing. About a year ago we took her to her ped because of some concerns we had about her behavior and he said don't worry about it she's a kid she'll grow out of it.

Well needless to say its kind of like now that she's 6 we feel she definitely have a problem. The main thing is she chews. Mostly her hair. Her teacher sent home a note about her constantly chewing and she said she gets in trouble for it all the time. I noticed when she brought her pencil box home she has about 2 dozen pencils with no erasers and she says she chews them off. She has ALWAYS been a picky eater. Hates any type of meat and you would think I'm trying to kill her if I try to get her to try something new. She's also very impulsive. She will fly into a fit of rage and hit her little sister and then starting screaming at me she just can't help it.

Honestly I went through the checklist and a lot of them she does. She says all the time she can't hear yet we've had her ears checked twice by an ENT and there is nothing wrong. How do they screen for this? Is it a form of Autism? What kind of doctor do I need to take her to to get tested? I guess we are kind of relieved because this disorder makes sense. Everything that we've noticed was a little different it all makes sense. Oh and I love the idea of chew tubes I just ordered her some. she does great in school. Literally scored the highest in her class with testing. Does her teacher have to let her use these tubes in class or will she be put into a special class?

It boggles my mind because on one had she is sooooo smart. She is in K and reads at a 3rd grade level but then she will still through a fit like a 2 year old at any little thing.

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