I think that my daughter needs more help.

by Kathy Roman
(Bethlehem PA USA)

My daughter is 7 years old; she is diagnosed with childhood Apraxia developmental delay and PDD NOS. She does not eat food such as vegetables, fruits in general, pizza etc.. she just eat vegetables that we tray to hide from her with rice and a lot of black beans, if we do not have black beans she will eat just macaroni and meatballs, she loves soft deserts like chocolate pudding or rice pudding, if she feels a piece of meet in her mouth she will take out. She does not know how to play she stemming a lot with things next to her eye, when we have many toys together just to see what she will do or choose to play with, she spread the toys with her feet. She will imitate us how to play with things such brush a doll hair or tea party, but just for a few seconds e she will go way to another things to do. She does not focus for long period of time in one activity, but she will know what to do next time when the therapist comes to work with her.

She has heavy breathing because of Apraxia or it is another stemming, she likes to hug people very tied, she yelling many times per day e jumping old the time, even when she is watching television. She has difficulty in fine motor skills, she does not write anything or coloring by herself, she does not like hats or touch her hair, she does not use gloves. She dumps her toys in the floor, and takes one or two to stemming. When she is not jumping she is walking back in forth. She has tantrums and frustration when she wants something and we can not understand her.

About sounds when she was little she was more sensitive, now she is sensitive with the cow sound...she is very afraid. She loves people, and she loves to pock people nose is funny but she is adorable little girls with a lot of energy. Now she starting with a bad behavior throwing much more that she use to do not focus in anything and she slapping at the therapist today this never happens before because she does not want to play anymore. Her speech is getting better, so the therapist says that she is dyspraxic now. Please I just want some point of view.

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