I thought I was just weird or "slow"

by cassie
(nashville, tn)

I once had an interview sitting near a sales floor where it was noisy and music was playing and my boss asked me a question and I stalled for so long because I had to keep processing and turning over the question in my mind, over and over again until it finally clicked what he was asking and then it took me another moment or two to process an answer for him! I thought I had lost the job because he looked at me like I was dumb, but the truth was, that all the noise and music was distracting so some of his words got lost in the noise and I had to take a moment to fill in the blanks and understand him.

This happens to me all the time, not everyday, but in most situations. People will talk to me or tell me a story and my brain will keep trying to listen to other noises or stop hearing what they are saying even so I don't always have a reply to what someone has said, and don't contribute to conversation very well. But usually once the awkward silence hits, that's when I have my moment to process and understand and REALLY hear what said, than my dumb brain finally has a good response, but it's usually too late haha.

I'm also very very forgetful because if I don't allow a task or direction to be fully absorbed in my mind or say it out loud, than it becomes muddled in my thoughts or even completely forgotten almost immediately.

This has been so helpful! I'm not dumb!

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May 18, 2011
Female 58 Yrs old and now have a name for the mystery
by: Michele B

I always had a problem taking notes or writing a message remembering what was told to me on a simple phone call.

I was a secretary and could not take notes at a meeting because my memory on what was said was gone while I attempted to hear and write at the same time.

I also experienced a problem when reading, I would see another word that I knew was incorrect and did not make sense so I would have to focus long and hard to finally see the correct word.

I also have the problem comprehending what is being said when it is not very unfamiliar to me.

I have been told from my psychologist it is not in my head; I actually have what is referred to as "sensory processing disorder".

It is good to know that there is a name to my inability to do what comes easy to others.

May 11, 2011
I understand you so much
by: paulette etcheberry

Hi and welcome to the world of Auditory Processing Disorder... since my son has been diagnosed with this delay now I can understand his frustration when he can't give answers as fast as everyone because there's some loud people near him or simply too much distraction. But you know to me is nothing terrible nor to be ashamed off. Every day life has its norms and simply it doesn't fit the bill for everyone so I applaud you for being so brave and standing up for yourself.

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