I thought the jigsaw had fallen into place but i am now finding lots of lost pieces and it is upsetting

by Marina

guess i should have updated sooner my son is now 15 he was 10 when was finally diagnosed with sensory processing and hypermobility.

Iw as able to see an ot but with so many things happening and the nightmare at school especially playtimes they took away support for him and he ended up being exspelled within two weks due to a football incident in playground.

Imy son has been having what he has called leg locks where he is in immense pain and unable to touched or move due to the pain.

Recently i have found out he has been having partial dislocations maybe even full dilocations that have had to be dealt with alone and with nurophen .

I am heartbroken his difficulties have never been fully addressed and treated and i as a parent have had to deal with all this.

Finally he now able to ask me for hug which has been very difficult as a parent as any contact before this was impossible and would result in angry outbursts he still wont have skin to skin contact such as holding hands but progress is being made he has improved his diet amazingly and from just couscous and plain spaggetti he is now eating curries paella shellfish and fish life in some ways is easier but in other very difficult this site has helped me through with advice and various strategies that have enabled us to change grow and survive
Thank you

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