I wish I knew this from the beginning...

by Heather
(Somerset, NJ. U.S.)

My son projectile vomited up his formula for the first 6 months. His weight was always ok, so the doctor's did not think we should be concerned. They said he would grow out of it. At 4 months we introduced baby cereals and then baby foods. He rejected all except for two flavors. We expressed our concerns again. The doctors dismissed it and suggested he should start table food.

He gagged sometimes and even vomited up some foods. He would have to have very tiny small pieces of foods in order to eat. He preferred mostly liquids...milk, juice, and water. He is now 4 years old and we have slowly see his intake of certain foods decline. He refuses to eat with utensils and the foods still have to be in extremely small pieces. He will accept a food item one week and tell us the next he will never eat it again. He refuses meats, cheeses and any type of food that is mixed with flavor and or textures. Any kid fare has also been difficult.

It is hard when on vacation or at play group when all the kids are wolfing down pizzas, and mine swipes his hand down the entire slice to remove cheese or sauce. He will then inspect for any brown spots, and then possibly nibble on it with his front teeth only; like a bunny!

My husband and I have read every book, switched doctors, talked to friends! We made an appointment with a pediatric neurodevelopmentalist. We have had to wait six months for an appointment. It is now only two months away. We have sought out a speech therapist that specializes in feeding disorders, and an occupational therapist that deals with sensory issues. We knew to do this only because of our own instincts and research. In addition to his feeding issues we have the behavior issues at school and playgroups. He is such a loving, smart, funny and wonderful boy and our heart aches for him every minute and breath of our day.

I am hopeful that we will eventually find the help he needs to make everyday life easier and more joyful for him and us.

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Mar 15, 2009
You are not alone.
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to let you know that what you wrote sounds just like what I went through with my son. I am very thankful you wrote it. He is now 6 years old and finally eating. He still takes the topping off the pizza, wait I should say I take the topping off:) Anyway, he finally has allowed me to reduce the amount of milk he drinks, without me fearing he will starve.

I just finished his first IEP meeting and even though I am happy that we will get him some help, I still find it so hard sometimes that he struggles so much in class, transitions etc. He can't attend regular school so he has spent his kindergarten year homeschooled. I must end this note(which prob. makes no since at this hour of the night) on a positive note. My son is the best thing in the world and I would not want to change anything about him.

You sound like such an advocate for your son. Keep it up. There will be good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks. But there will be progress, love, hugs and smiles that will make everything else pale in compare to being his mom. My goodness listen to me preach. I really wish you the best, and thanks for making me feel not so alone.

Mar 13, 2009
My child does this too
by: Anonymous

My son is 5 yrs old and he vomits at the sight and smell of foods. Normally its things he will not eat. He will eat chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken rice a roni, pizza, chips, goldfish, fruit rollups.....you get my point, very limited foods.

I have questioned the doctors also and they would say he isn't underweight and looks fine. He has been currently see a speech therapist for 1 1/2 yrs now which has helped his speech but he will go to kindergarten this Sept and I am very concerned with this food problem.

His preschool teachers told me today that he has not thrown up in months and now all of a sudden is doing it again and I really need to seek help, because he is such a smart, loving, caring child and this is going to be a problem when he starts kindergarten. After reading this I am going to seek the help of a OT or something. I don't want him to struggle with this in school, its hard enough without this issue.

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