IEP Bingo

by Jennifer
(Ontario, Canada)

I had shared some of the IEP humour from this site on a yahoo group. Another lady then shared this game. He takes the most commonly used phrases in a meeting and makes a bingo board. Then he crosses the phrases off as the meeting rolls along to pass the time. He may try to win with one line or a square or the whole board. We decided to modify the game to suit an IEP meeting. We are all Home Educators but some of us have had our children in school, we have endured the IEP meetings. We have helped others get pass the dread of other's telling them what they can or cannot do for their children. So, we know a phrase or two. I would love to add to the list!

Here's what we have so far for our IEP Bingo:

your son
your daughter
we can't comply
we tried that
different at home
special needs
your parenting
we did that
didn't work
education assistant
no funding
just take him and home school

Any other ideas?

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Jun 24, 2009
Re: Not Funny
by: Anonymous

I didn't mean to go off on some poor woman from Ireland: the comments placed me in a strange order and the mistake has tormented me ever since. I tried through the site and through admin email to try and get it deleted, and it either refused to load or got ignored entirely.

So there it is: I am sorry for my badly and extremely illogically placed comment (why would it place me Above the most current comment?? In the MIDDLE of people?); it was an immature reaction to begin with. Terrible for a first post on this site.


Sep 12, 2008
Re: "Not funny"
by: Arleiy

This is addressed to the comment just prior: How about lightening the ...'goodness gracious' up? The rest of the site is dedicated to dealing with this "constructively." If you won't let YOURSELF breathe a little and step back, please try not to dampen anyone else's humorous moment of wry frustration. [For it is sanity-inducing!]

I think you're rude and insensitive.

Aug 03, 2008
not funny
by: Anonymous

Actually, although I see the merits in looking for humor, I think this is kind of rude and insensitive. If a group of professionals is meeting in order to help one's child, what purpose does it serve if you're going into a meeting expecting to hear (and shoot down) these terms. All professions have specialized language in order to make communication more efficient. It's sad (if not tragic) that there isn't more funding, there aren't more special programs, etc. However, these meetings can be truly educational--even life-changing--for the teachers and others in attendance who have not had the occasion to learn a lot about the dozens of issues/disorders/conditions that exist. How about approaching things constructively????

Jul 21, 2008
IEP Bingo...the other side
by: Cari

Hi everyone,

I felt a little sad reading the posts about IEP Bingo. I can only imagine the frustration many of you have felt at these meetings but as a special education teacher, I want you all to know that we too are often just as frustrated by the system.

Most of us try our best to meet your children's needs and need to go in search of information... just like you.

Please remember, "experts" are just people with a lot of experience in a certain area. It doesn't mean they know everything!

I hope your all blessed with many happy years with your children.

Feb 15, 2008
ideas For IEP Bingo ....
by: Joy

How about these.....

Sign here
And here
Copy of your rights
Student support team
Your child's Teacher
Work with your child

Oh yes and my favorite one of all...

Your child is functioning
His/Her IQ
Below normal


Oct 18, 2007
Getting someone to help
(Sorry, can't move this comment, but it is more of a REAL story than comment on IEP Bingo)

by: Angel

I live in Northern Ireland where children with special needs and learning difficulties are suffering due to lack of funds as well as ignorance. I have been fighting for my sons to get help since my oldest son was 2. He is now 10. My children are well known to Occupational Therapists and the educational psychologist. The O.T said that both children have proprioception difficulties which is only a part of SPD. I have been trying to get them to recognize that SPD exists and that I'm NOT a neurotic mother. At present we have no O.T. in the area and all clinics have been stopped. I was given a few exercises and sent away. I have got very frustrated and angry after all my efforts in getting my children help. I've been told in short my children like a machine are wired wrong here's a few exercises and hopefully it'll be ok.

It was like a breath of fresh air to know that there are others out there who present the same problems and there is help. My children have dietary, textural, proprioception, hearing problems and are very sensory seeking. It's sad my children will not be able to get the help they need. My marriage suffered as my ex-husband thought I wanted to label them. I just want the best for my children. Is it so much to ask? I'm now a single mother struggling with the daily problems that children with SPD present but have found that a strict routine definitely helps. If you can keep their self confidence up then anything is possible. I'm NOT giving up at all!


Please contact Kathryn Smith of, our SPD Parent SHARE Host for the UK. She may have some resources for you!

Also, you may find it helpful to talk to other parents around the world in the AllAboutKids online support group. You may even find others from Ireland in there!

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