Im 13 and have bad inside me

well alot of stuff gets me soo angry because i was in my front garden with a 6 year old friend i love kids :) and a 6 year old girl come walking past and shouts hey jamie thats my friends name and she says is that your girlfriend and i could not control myself and i said to her "SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME AND ILL PUNCH YOU" and the same girl called my little brother thats 10 but looks 5 cute as she called him a midget and i swore at her and nearly punched her and me i love kids and i dont want to be mean and when i get mad i go in my own world and i dont know what i say and i dont want to be mean to kids i love kids sooo much can someone help me like have a way to calm myself down :) thx zoe

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Sep 17, 2015
How I calm myself down
by: Anonymous

Rage can sometimes feel like its controlling you but if you take a moment to stop and turn inwards when you feel yourself getting angry you can calm yourself down before you outburst. Try walking away from the situation that is making you angry where you can be silent and take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through yourself mouth. Then you could try pressing on some acupressure points, try lightly pressing on the side of your hand about halfway between your pinky and your wrist. And then press on the start of your eyebrows, on the outer corners of your eyes and underneath your eyes and you will feel very calm. You can also try lightly pressing the very top of your head. I hope this helps because it has helped me many times although I do understand that sometimes people say awful things and at that moment you can easily find yourself swearing and yelling. Peace :)

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