I'm 50, and could it be I have SPD?

I've always hated tight clothing. I cannot stand to have a turtle neck type top anywhere near my neck. In fact I feel sick with tight clothing.

A very experienced fellow worker felt that I have SPD because I could not understand her question. I didn't get the link between what we talked about before and her question. Guess it makes sense really, my nephew has SPD and I've got a lovely lot of genetic dysfunction in me:(.

I have no real sense of smell
I can't cope with lots of people talking around me, I just switch off as I can't even filter out one noise over another.
I don't have and never have had lots of friends, what friends I do have are at a distance.
I have no sense of direction, I use landmarks to get from point a to b.
i have little sense of distance.
I'm hopeless at cross stitch, I can't translate from the paper pattern to the material. The brain feels like its trying to yell from one side to another through a brick wall.
I prefer bare feet, so I can tell by the temperature of the floor where I am. My eyesight is extremely poor.
I'm always fiddling with something when I'm thinking or studying. In fact rolling a smooth sea shell in my hands soothes me. Most of my fiddly objects are smooth, none are hard textured.

What do you think?

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