I'm a layperson

by MJR

I have suffered with SPD all my life, but have only recently found out that there's a name for it, and that the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol is used to treat it. I'm 63 years old, and married. As you can imagine, my intense discomfort at being lightly touched is very disturbing to my spouse - and to me! If I knew that I could still be helped at my age, I would seek out treatment.

One point of interest: It took about 35 years of marriage for me to discover one important point: There is a TREMENDOUS difference in the way it feels when I'm touched lightly by fingertips as opposed to the flat part of the hand and fingers. The latter is bearable and sometimes even "nice". But, watch out for that trailing thumb!!

PLEASE let me know if you think I can still be helped.


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Jul 04, 2008
I use the Wilbarger
by: Anonymous

I use the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol with my daughter. It seems to help too. She also has SPD and sensory modulation disorder. I don't know if you are seeing a occupational therapist, but maybe it could help. I also use feet protocol and oral swipe. It really helps to use these when you are about to start the day or go to a place that could seem stressful for you.

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