Im a premature baby

Im not sure if this has anything to do with this situation i was born 2 months early and im a sensitive person.

My ears are very sensitive and i cant take fire alarms and i cry very easily if its even a small hurtful word.I cant take amusement park rides,My heart would LITERALLY jump and i have anxiety so i cant take extreme rides only baby rides and mild rides.

Its very strange because my mom always told me she was like a daredevil in her teens,She would always tell me she would jump off cliffs and go on roller coaster rides and VERY EXTREME RIDES and im like what the hell.

And my dad is a chicken he dosen't even know how TO SWIM. And he is biopolar and has a personality disorder he basically has mood swings and anxiety and my mom has biopolar but it dosent act up the way it use to.

And I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME. I cant even see a therapist because i already been through a lot in my life i was in a foster home when i was 11 years old for 6 months and ive been traumatized by these 2 bitches which they are both sisters and one was 13 and one was 15.they would lock me in the closet in the dark WHICH IM SCARED OF and they would turn off the lights while i was in the shower basically they harassed me 24/7 and the foster mom was lazy ass.

She didnt even help me and the only thing i had left with me i could trust was my stuff animal bunny. Which u might think im weird but its true the 2 sisters would hang my bunny with a belt and pour water on it and a therapist came there every thursday to see each of us and i told her everything that was going on but NO ONE BELIEVED ME.

And my mom and dad got me back and my dad is still verbally abusive to me and i dont know what to do and im still traumatized and still scared of the dark and im 14 years old now and i live with dysfunction still and im pretty sure i have a lot of problems with me right now.But im going to get through this life so me and my mom could be very happy together.

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