I'm not the only that hates surprises!!

by Robbielyn

My name is robbielyn, I am 43yrs old in fl. I work in er registration at a hospital. This is my diagnosis. I have never been diagnosed for adhd and until today figured that is what it was. Most of the symptoms fit perfectly. I will see an adhd specialist in two weeks but will ask if he can test me for this too.

I am very sensitive to noise, have a hard time understanding verbal directions if more than 1-2 lines, lose my balance frequently, run into things, don't like my food touching each other and eat one thing at a time. I don't like multiple tastes in my mouth. I have great problems with temperature regulation, I rock side to side when I am standing, I am easily startled, i have low energy and motivation which drives me crazy. and was hoping ritalin would help me with that. It's not. I had a dr prescribe it to me recently and gave me a 20 question test and said you have 75% add probability it ritalin doesn't help you, then you don't have it. I thought he was crazy but now that I have read this there is a good chance stimulants won't help me at all.

Socially I am a disaster, I have a very hard time regulating my emotions, I wear my emotions raw and on my sleeve for all to see. When I get into a

confrontation with someone I forget that there are others around who can hear what i am saying. I get hyperfocused on the stimulating confrontation and totally unaware of my environment until someone tells me and then I have apologize and am so embarrassed. I do take a wonderful supplement that has GABA in it called theanine serene by source naturals. It puts a lid on my emotions quite nicely which is why i still have my job. It's like putting a lid on a boiling pot, it relaxes the overstimulating part of my brain.

It is funny cause the paradox is I require alot of stimulation to function. I can't stand to be bored. I am always looking for the next best thing. I have to fight the urge to look for another job cause this one is very pressurized for me. But yet I thrive go figure its a tug of war. I like the room completely dark and can walk with my eyes closed cause i can see objects(shadows of objects through my eyelids. Never said i dont bump into anything but I was facinated with this ability as a kid. I don't try it now. I am very clumsy. Is there supplements that help with this? or meds or something? Theanine serene helps with the focus and the emotions but not the need for constant stimulation, motivation or boredom. I would like something to help with these also. Robbielyn

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Jul 14, 2009
Things that help
by: Kim Sullivan

I find 400mg of Magnesium a day helps me. I also take Focalin XR 5mg at 7am and 2pm. It is like Ritalin but you need half as much and there are fewer side effects and it is long lasting. It has helped regulate my focus and energy levels to more normal and improve my driving and coordination to some extent. I also take vitamin B6 to help with magnesium uptake.

Routine helps me a lot, a set schedule and plenty of sleep are important. I have been taking Yoga for about 4 months and it is helping too, though it takes time (yoga is more than just stretching it improves body awareness and coordination too). If find rock climbing at the rock climbing gym helpful too. Keep trying, as far as being bored, the focalin gives me enough energy to find new interests and do those things part time. Good luck! Everyone is different and what works for me may not for you, but just keep working at finding what helps you out.

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