I'm slightly confused

by Natalie

So, ever since I was little I have HATED wearing new things and (especially pants) and it takes a while used to them. The only clothes now that I have that problem with is pants. New pants don't feel right and I don't like them. They feel funny. Like to the point were I cry of I don't know were my old pants are and I have to wear the new ones. My mom says I'm over reacting.

A lot of the time if there are multiple conversations going on at once or people are yelling or being loud or something like that; I cover my ears because I can't stand it. Ive gotten in trouble for it at school.

I've also had panic attacks when things get loud, I get bumped into, a lot of smells ect. And thats just a few things.

Is all that SPD?

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Jan 25, 2023
Sounds like it
by: Anonymous

Hi! It sounds like SPD to me. I can't be sure, since I don't know you, but it sounds like it. I actually share a lot of your symptoms (I couldn't wear jeans until I was fourteen and I am still extremely picky when it comes with clothing). The sounds and touch sensitivities are also common among those with SPD. I find earplugs/airbuds can help keep me from getting overstimulated sometimes. Hope that helps! :)

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