I'm want to convert my garage into a sensory room

by Jillian

Jabin is 7 and he was just diagnosed with SPD two months ago. We have been in therapy since, and it is truly amazing how happy he is there.

I would love to convert my garage into a sensory room, however I'm worried about the cost.

Jabin mostly seeks vestibular movement, and has problems with tactile senses.

How cheep do you think I could pull off putting together a sensory room for him?

Thanks for your time,


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Jan 04, 2010
it can be done
by: marisa

We converted our back patio into an enclosed sensory gym. We have 2 with SPD and I focus on what they need from therapy.

-bean bags
-crashing pit ( jump-o-lene)
-padded flooring
-small disk for snow that we pull him on with a large fleece blanket
-stretchy materials for tunnels
-Ikea tube
-swing from ceiling- most expensive because I got it from the OT catalog
-tactile station- beans, rice

The list is endless. You do not need alot of money. Good luck!

Jan 03, 2010
I did it! You can too!
by: JT

I had a spare room in my basement that we converted into a sensory room. It has a single seat porch swing hanging from the ceiling, (bought from Craigslist- $50) a 55" circular enclosed trampoline, ($119 from http://www.qualitytoys.com/bazoongi-my-first-trampoline.html,) a TV for watching favorite Dora the Explorer videos, (donated to me but about $100,) foam flooring for safety, ($100 at Target,) a bean pool w/ containers, ($6 pool, $4 beans wholesale,) and a circular platform swing that can spin my daughter around. (We made our own out of a mini trampoline and rope from the home store. You can get one here for $144. http://www.sensoryedge.com/platform-swing.html She loves it in there. It is her "safe" room. I did everything very cheaply as you can see, less than $500. My husband is a builder and the most difficult thing to do to make sure it is all safe is getting the correct swiveling swing hardware and just where you can hang it so it doesn't make your ceiling fall down with the weight. It must be on a support beam. Best wishes!

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