Impulse Control

by Susan Clark
(Hawley, MA)

My son 3 1/2 has a real issue right now with impulse control. Hitting and pushing primarily. My husband and I are trying to help him with these issues. Some days are better that others.

We are looking for suggestions.

Thank You in advance!
Susan & Gary

The SPD Help Line Answers...

Hi Susan and Gary,

I am afraid I will need a little more information to help you.

If I assume he has SPD, a good sensory diet with a lot of proprioceptive and deep pressure input should help some. Also, a good OT using therapies to help with self-regulation and modulation would be most helpful.

But, to help you further, I would need to know the following:

1. Has he been diagnosed with SPD?

2. Is he currently, or has he been, in Occupational Therapy? For how long? Where? What do they work on and how? How often?

3. Does he have other diagnoses?

4. Is there anything that precipitates the events? Touch? Over-stimulation? Fatigue? Sounds? Demands? Smells?

5. Do you follow a sensory diet?

6. Is he a sensory seeker? A sensory avoider?

7. Does he do this at home and in public?

8. What symptoms does he have on the SPD Checklist or the Infant/Toddler SPD Checklist that stand out in particular?

Can we start with the answers to these questions so I might be able to help you further? I look forward to your response. Just write it in the comments section below.

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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