In need of practical advice

by Nora G.

I picked from the list all the items that suit my son's behavior, now what? He's been already been to an OT and no advice was offered. Granted... it is good to understand, the question is whether something else can be done aside from understanding.

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Feb 25, 2011
Shop around for OT
by: Penny Boyle

My advice is to go by you gut and if you don't feel the OT work for you and your child - look for someone else. We are new to the Sensory OT. My daughter has a language delay and has been going to speech therapy for years. We have been to Easter Seal and a couple of other speech facilities and they never brought up OT. We changed to a private speech therapist that works with a lot of kids with neurological eating and speech difficulties. She right away suggested OT for sensory regulation and suggested an experienced OT. This woman is amazing. I used the internet, talked to the school, i e-mailed doctors/therapists at Universities, hospitals and rehabs and told them about my daughter's issues.

In many cases they where not what i was looking for but they gave names, told me what to ask for and ideas. I wrote a list of questions and what i wanted the goal to be for my daughter. My goal right now for my daughter (13yrs od) is to get better focused and able to interact better with peers and adults.
I'm sure you will find someone but it might take some looking to find the right one.

Apr 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'm sure someone on here would be able to give you some advice or ideas what to try. Maybe if you share some particular concerns it would help. Good luck on your journey!

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