Independent writing in the classroom

by Charis
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

I am a second grade teacher who has a student that has been diagnosed with SPD. Independent writing is the most difficult thing for this child. He talks really well, and has an amazing amount of knowledge. He would talk all day about what he knows if I let him.

However, he completely "zones out" or thinks about other things when the class is assigned with an independent writing activity. I have tried many different things, from positive reinforcement to the taking of recess or making writing for homework to catch up. I play classical music when the children write. How can I get him to break this habit?

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Feb 27, 2012
Hand writing difficulties
by: Anonymous

My daughter (now aged 9yrs) was diagnosed with SPD about 3 years ago. At that stage we were told she would always struggle with the physical act of writing. Finally last year we came across an understanding teacher that let her try writing on the computer. The difference was just amazing. The amount of information she could get down was so different from when she was writing it out by hand. Even though she was much slower on the keyboard it allowed her to process the thoughts instead of thinking of the pencil and what shape she had to form. She still had to do handwriting and now she does a bit of both. The computer written work is still of a much higher quality than hand written but it is enough to fill out forms etc.

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