Insurance/Tax Help For Sensory Therapy Products?

by Stephanie

My 2 year old son has been diagnosed with SPD. We have been in thearpy through our local birth to three program (Early Childhood, Speech, and OT). His language is VERY delayed and I cannot tell you how worried about it I am. He can imitate anything, but hardly ever says a word by himself. Anyway, the OT suggested that he needs a Pressure Vest (starting at $75).

Do you know if there is any terminology that can be used for an insurance company to cover this kind of cost (they are paying for the therapy)? If not, can a person claim something like this on their taxes?

The SPD Help Line Answers...

Oh, I don't know of any insurance terminology for therapy products, just the therapy. Shoot, sorry. Glad you at least do have the therapy covered though... many can't even get that! Phew.

But, as for products? Helping defray the cost? Here's an article that might help! Financial help for sensory products.

About the taxes? This is NOT actual tax advice, just something I heard... If your medical bills are over a certain percentage of your income, then you can itemize some of those for possible deductions. But, I don't know enough personally about this, so I would call a local tax preparer or accountant for a more definite answer.

Are there other parents out there who have received help with therapy supplies, or received tax breaks for these items? If you have and can help, please comment below. I would also LOVE to know the answer to this, as I am sure so would MANY others! Therapy and therapeutic products can be so very expensive!! I do feel for you... I hope someone has some good advice.

Until then, take good care.

Michele Mitchell

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