Interesting Read.

I stumbled across this site while trying to come up with some solutions for my son. I hate the idea of "labels", so usually gloss over this type of stuff.

My 7yr old son has always been challenging. He is very active, can't sit still, always on the go. If he's sitting, he's wiggling or shaking his leg. He loves to roughhouse. Is impulsive and constantly touching things. Loves human touch, hugs, cuddling etc and insists on being the center of attention. Interrupts adults, speaks out in class. If things don't go his way the whole world is against him.Loves to have heavy blankets on his bed, even in the summer.He is deaf in one ear, so it was assumed his being loud was attributed to that. He cannot talk quietly or whisper, he always wants to speak loudly, even if you are right in front of him.And he talks...a lot.

The biggest struggle is writing. He loves to read for hours, tell stories(see talking above) and has a great imagination, but to get him to write. You think you were torturing him. A good sentence to him is 3 words long. Its always been a battle. He will sit and cry over having to write 5 lines and it will take him an hour. Any other homework is fine.

Lately he has been very argumentative. I assumed because of our marriage separation and testing limits.

I'm not pushing the panic button just yet, but it certainly is food for thought. I used to think that all of the above is what makes him, him. And I would never change that. But now I wonder....

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