Intermittent SPD

by Kristy

We have a very friendly, loving and VERY active 3 yr old son who has just been diagnosed w/SPD, Atypical Autism/PDD NOS (which I am not sure what the difference is if there is any between PDD NOS and atypical autism this-I am very new to all of this lingo).

Some days he really has a difficult time going to new places, shopping, ect. He covers his eyes or ears, hides or just seems to stare. If we are in a situations where he can get out of his stroller, he will run in patterns, roll his eyes and just seem out of control. Then we have some days where he will seem ok in similar situations (except at the Food Court-he hates that) I don't understand why this seems so sporadic? Anyone else have this issue?

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Aug 04, 2008
I think we all do...
by: Jessi

SPD can be very on and off and it depends on whether or not your child is having an 'on' day or an 'off' day. If there is a technical discussion of this somewhere, I've missed it. But trust me, your kid isn't the only one behaving this way. You may start to discover a pattern if you pay attention - did he get to bed a little later the night before 'off' days? Not eat enough, have a stomach ache or not feel good? Then there's the biggies like days when you do something completely out of the norm - those are generally difficult days for kids with SPD.

Since my son was diagnosed, I implemented a schedule so that he knows what to expect each day. It doesn't completely prevent melt downs at activity changes, but it does lessen the intensity of them and their frequency. When we will be doing something out of the normal course of operations, I give him many, many verbal warnings leading up to the big change. And insist that he repeat back to me what is about to happen.

Good luck!

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