Inventor of Swring; Owner of Swring Co Inc

by Emory Clark
(Airway Heights WA)

Swrings for children with autism are making news nationwide. You may see coverage on Occupational therapists agree it is the single most effective play/therapy toy on the market.

Pages of OT's clinical notes are available and describe how the Swring impacts vestibular awareness, core muscle development, social skills (1,2,3 or 4 children may safely ride on it at once), eye hand coordination and perhaps most importantly enjoyment (outright joy)

We see kids regularly who rarely smile or laugh even at home express their enjoyment through laughter.

Many parents with children using Swrings at clinics purchase one for their home as they soon discover nothing meets the needs of their child like the Swring.

Please help me introduce it to your network. Available wholesale; also finders fees and commissions available Thanks, Emory Clark, Owner, Swring Co Inc.

#1; taken yesterday 1/11/11principal of special elementary school which has program for autistic kids is the first to ride on the new Swring
#2: 3 children with autism and OTs ride Swring
#3: New balancing Swring (Moving & Groving Swring)

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