Is he too old to get proper help!

by Heather Clarke
(Adelaide, South Australia)

My son has finally been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder. I have know there was something not right since he was about 18months old. He has just turned 9 years old and after years of fighting in several different countries has got a diagnosis.

Have we missed the boat for getting him help. I feel so incompetent as a mother and a complete failure. I am soooo tired emotionally and get angry with my self for losing my patience with him. Any words of wisdom please.

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Mar 28, 2009
In the same boat
by: Anonymous

My 10 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with SPD. For year I attributed her "odd" behavior and likes and dislikes to being "just like her mom". It was a relief to me to find out about SPD and that she's like me because I have it too. My entire life up to this point has entirely new meaning and more important, explanation. She has just started OT about three months ago and its going OK. Our vocabulary has grown and I am trying to learn to view her as a special needs child. I am so fortunate to have found out now rather than never.

Mar 25, 2009
It's Not Too Late
by: Craig

Hi Heather,

Please go easy on yourself. You are not too late. My daughter recently completed a Sensory Integration Based Therapy Program and has made tremendous gains. She's 10 years old. Yes, they say that it is important to catch our kid's early before they fall. But, do not lose hope and please, don't blame yourself. You have enough on your plate.

Take care and Many Blessings,


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