Is It Possible?

by brittan

Hi I was just wondering if it is possible for major signs of SPD to not show up until late elementary school/ middle school. When I was a baby/toddler I didn't seem to have any characteristics of SPD, I would never cry during loud noises or even shots at the doctor's office.

I was a seemingly normal child to my mother, just a few speech problems and I was a little shy. Then, I dunno what happened or when it happened for that instance. Late elementary/early middle school(don't know exactly when it happened just guessing), I would be covering my ears and about to cry if ever forced to listen to fireworks, absolutely hated shots, light touches began to bother me, tags in my clothing, and shoe shopping was just a complete nightmare.

I am still struggling with auditory and tactile sensory problems. It's just that is it possible for it to just change like that, although it may of been a gradual change not sure. It's just that apparently these problems are supposed to be seen from infancy and they weren't for me probably one of the main reasons I was never taken to a doctor. So, my mom says that she has a hard time believing that I have this or any real problems because, she didn't notice any problems until later.

So I guess she always just thought I was being over dramatic. I don't know, so my question is has anyone else experienced these symptoms showing up a little later than the norm?

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Jan 04, 2009
Similar experience
by: stacey

I just wanted to let you know, that for me, while I can think of certain signs as a child, now at the age of 38, I am at my worst with the SPD. I dont know why, but it is hell, and it comes and goes in the severity.

Only since April 2008, I cant tolerate, clothes, seat belts, jewelry, noises, smells, ALOT. Like I said though, when I think back, there were signs here and there, very fleeting, but now, WOW. I don't really know what to do about it. Take care and best of luck to you!!

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