Is my 5 year old girl a tactile child? I'm confused plz help

by mona

my daughter

my daughter

Hi,my five n half year old daughter has some symptoms of a tactile child. She lives alone with me and gets bored easily with every activity. She is a tv n computer games addict,cant make friends at school, makes weird faces in front of people,is hyperactive,and some times trys to rule us( parents).

She always insists that we go to meet friends and relatives to play with their children, but when she wants to play with them they dont understand her behaviour. She cant develop an understanding with them so they dont play with her and she gets depressed. My daughter is loving, intelligent child but no one understands her behaviour except me.

People say she has a psychological problem but we as a parent dont think so. we think ot is just what she needs because she is a single child and needs children of her age to play with. what you say? plz help

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