Is reflux and ADHD linked to each other?

by Jennifer
(Lansing, Mi USA)

My is 6 yrs old, he will be 7 in May. He has had reflux since he was a year old. He has just been diagnose with ADHD.

He is at the understanding level of 3 yrs and 10 months old. He is in kindergarten. He also goes to speech ones a week. He is aggressive and very moody. I'm so stressed. Please help.

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Feb 15, 2022
by: Anonymous

Please please please have your children tested for Celiac disease! I had all these symptoms when I was a kid (GERD, ADHD, vomiting) and was not diagnosed until the age of 30. If I could go back and time and have someone test me, I'd do it in a heartbeat. So many years of unnecessary suffering.

Apr 07, 2017
Reflux meds and ADHD link?
by: Lollee

Both my sons had bad reflux since birth and were put on proton pump inhibitors to control it. Each of them took the meds for several years.

Recent research has linked PPIs to dementia/Alzheimer's in elderly patients and many physicians are advising against using them for extended periods of time. Why they cause dementia is not known. It has me thinking about my boys' use of these drugs during critical time of brain development and if there is a correlation to their ADHD/Autistic-like behaviors.

Could this be the common thread to the increase in ADHD and Autism in the United States? Just my thoughts.

Jan 09, 2016
Watch out for reflux and IBS
by: Lisa

My Scott was small. He was raised in childcare where most children learn social skills and how to make friends. Scott never really had a particular friend. Like to hang on teachers. With help from Elementary school we determined he had ADD. He also Had trouble with his stomach and had diarreaha regularly. I complained to pediatrician. He said he was fine. Finally went to Texas Children's Hospital and saw a gastrologist. After speaking with her and a scope, it was determined that he had IBS. Now I know it is IBSD. He also has reflux which irritates his IBS. He also has poor sleep.

We tried medicines and found for us that low doses of adderall for the ADD worked best. . Also for the IBS all Meds like Prevacid and such didn't help enough. During a really bad attack of reflux and IBS we stopped on way to hospital to get him a drink because his throat was sore we got a large gateraide. He downed the whole thing and his systems began to subside. We took him off all the acid Meds which by the way he was on adult dose. At the first burning he downs a large gateraide and it helps more than anything. I guess it flushes the stomach.
It seems common for children with add, adhd, spd to have reflux. Diet helps a lot, no acid food, greasy food and especially carbonation.
A little melatonin helps the sleep.

Jun 04, 2015
I, too, have been wondering
by: Anonymous

DD had severe reflux and also laryngomalacia (not severe) as an infant. The laryngomalacia was worsened by reflux and the noise (stridor) indicated that reflux was happening. She was on Zantac until about 2 and Prevacid from 4 months to about 18 months. We only used Zantac when she had antibiotics because they always make the reflux return.

About a month ago, kiddo (who just turned 6 and was just dx ADHD, no meds yet) started having stridor again. We called the pedi who put her back on Zantac. We have seen a huge improvement in her behavior. The ADHD symptoms are still present, but the "extra" symptoms like irritability, annoying people on purpose, arguing, defiance (I wondered if she might qualify for a dx of ODD) are gone. Just gone. Poof, like magic. She even seems more mature. Suddenly she is more polite also.

She got out of school about 2 weeks ago. It could be related to that, but it seemed to start closer to when school let out. I'm wondering now if my poor girl has been hurting all these years. And I'm also worried about GERD as a side effect for ADHD meds should we put her on them.

Anyway, Google isn't really telling me much. I plan to discuss it with her pedi at her 6 year well visit.

Apr 03, 2014
possible link
by: Anonymous

I dont know if this is any use to you, but my little boy had very bad GERD (reflux disease) since he was a little baby - so bad that it caused sleep aponea
Once he was diagnosed with this, he was put on a medication called renitidine which eventually helped and his GERD went away

My boy is also 7 now and has recently been diagnosed with ADHD (very bad) and SPD - they are looking at aspergers too but I think theyre barking up the wrong tree there.

The main point is that he too was very behind for his peer age until they got his reflux sorted. Hes still not up to speed by is massively improved. I hope this is of use to you. Hang on in there - I know how lonely and hopeless it can all feel but it does get easier and you will be able to enjoy your child

Good Luck Honey

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