Is Sensory Processing Disorder related to genetics?

by Miriam

My son is now 20 months old. i was not able to nurse him successfully and from 10 weeks old he was only on bottles. it was murder getting him to eat solids, and he is still now such a picky eater. some days are great, and others he just starves. he skipped crawling, and shuffled around on his bottom. he also has many of the other symptoms on the checklist.

as i was going through the checklist i noticed many things that i would answer yes to with regard to my husband. i always noticed some "strange" things such as he prefers to be scratched, food never has enough salt, and he is extremely fussy with clothes. so is sensory processing disorder kind of in the family? does my 5 month old son have a greater percentage of being like this?

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Mar 08, 2011
by: Jessica

My Husband had many of the symptoms that my son has. My son, I believe, has stronger symptoms than my husband did. However it's hard to know the extent of my husbands problems as a child because his parents didn't really come from an intervention generation. And really don't give us much information. My husband is really a well spoken person now, so it gives me hope for my son's future. I wish I knew about whether my husband had the vestibular issues that my son has, but he just can't remember much about his early childhood. I've also noticed that the other boys in his family have had speech and walking issues, whereas the girls don't. I think that these issues are genetically more common in boys. Also looking at my son's early intervention class, there was one girl and 10 boys!

Feb 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hello Miriam I can personally say that I know that in the case is linked to genetics. and that those who have inherited was manifested symptoms stronger.

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