Is sensory processing disorder something that is recognized within the uk schooling system?

by sam

Is sensory processing disorder something that is recognized within the uk schooling system? my son was diagnosed with SPD in 2009 when he was 5 he's just turned 7. to be honest as parents we're incredibly confused by this condition and don't fully understand what my son goes thru with this, we've received no help or support with anything when he was diagnosed we were given an A4 help sheet with "what we need to know" on it, surely this cant be the only information available to people in the uk? surely our health service should know more? when i finally got the diagnoses i went in to the school happy that there was finally a reason why my son does things, finally he could stop being labeled as a naughty child. only the school didn't seem to have heard of the or have any information about sensory processing disorder.

Jake had always had behavioral problems within the school environment having trouble with concentration and focusing on the work given too him. he's also been know to lash out usually at himself and put himself in danger. over the past year or so his behavior had got better at school, or at least manageable, but since December 2010 he has deteriorated to the point where hes doing very worrying and dangerous behavior.

He started the new school term in September 2011 and he is uncontrollable within the class room, hes openly defiant, he's always had "obsessions" with certain things, such as the colour red but usually this doesn't affect him and his learning, but now it is, at times we have trouble getting him to be "jake" he'd rather be a super hero and talk in funny voices hes running away from teachers and locking himself away and hiding, and climbing up things and putting himself in danger.

The school recently decided to exclude him, i was told this was for his own safety i was wondering if there was a way i could find out if SPD is something that is recognized within the schooling system and if the school have to provide something in the way of support for my son? when they excluded him the made it very clear to me that they don't believe he is just a naughty child, and that he cant help doing what he's doing well if this is the case then can i insist that they support him in a certain way? are there things the school should be doing for my son that perhaps they are not? is there anyway i can find out what if anything my son is entitled too, because i am incredibly worried that this is now affecting his education

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Apr 22, 2012
by: naima

I'm afraid I have no answers, just more questions. My son is being assessed and I'm sure he has SPD. How are thing going with you boy?

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