Is SID Considered A Disability Re: Preschool Placement?

by Alison
(Santa Maria, CA)

My 3.11 year old SID son lasted three days in a private preschool. His preschool specialist through Santa Barbara Co. is now evaluating him for an inclusion or special day class program. The problem is that he is testing above the percentile(7%) for their services. My son does have behavior, processing and receptive speech issues/delays but that is not being taken into account for the evaluation results. What rights do preschoolers have under Federal regulations or do they only apply to kindergarten and up?

The SPD Help Line Answers...

I want to apologize that it has taken me so long to get to your submission. I am not as knowledgable as so many others about special education laws and had forwarded your message to someone who may be better able to answer your question. I am still waiting for a response from them.

So... in light of that, I want to put your question up and see if anyone reading this can help answer it. Does anyone know if special education laws apply to preschoolers?

While you wait for a response, I have two suggestions for you. The first is to visit a great site that will clarify the special education laws for you... You should be able to find some answers there. The second suggestion is to join our online support group for parents of SPD kids. It is an amazing group! With over 1,000 members, you are sure to run into someone who knows the answer to your question! It will be a great resource and support for you. I hope you take the time to join this support group, AllAboutKids and ask them this very question.

If you find an answer, I would LOVE to know what you find out. If you don't mind... could you post the answer here if you do find out before we do? That would really help others out that may have the same question.

I am sorry I couldn't help more. :0( I hope the two resources I led you to, or someone reading and responding to this post, will bring an answer!

Take care.
Michele Mitchell

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