Is this a sensory problem ?

by Sabrina Carter
(Rincon, Ga)

My grandson is 3 and only speaks about 10 words and they are not all clear to hear. He just started speech therapy.

He is doing something strange: He is walking with you and will just go limp and fall down to the floor. He refuses to get up, if you pick him up he will stay limp and will not stand on his legs. You can verbally get on to him, pop him on his leg and demand he stand up or go the opposite and offer him a toy or candy and nothing. He will just stay limp and you have to pick him up and carry him or leave him laying there. He doesn't seem to be misbehaving he is non verbal through it all.

What in the world is going on? his parents are at a loss and the pediatricion says that he does not have Autism.

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Sep 20, 2018
by: Anonymous

Without knowing more details, and not wanting to alarm you, I would suggest a chat with the GP about possible epilepsy as what you have described sounds like a drop seizure.

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