Is this an oral input issue?

by Mary Lubar
(New Hampshire)

My daughter definitely has some tactile issues, and I am wondering if she has oral problems too, but it seems so varied.

-She cannot stand anything remotely sour (she even complains that yogurt and some cheese is 'too sour')

-Yet at the same time she can eat about twelve extremely strong mints at the same time with no issue, and she loves adding lots of ketchup, salt, or grated cheese to food.

-She has such a limited food repertoire she doesn't eat most fruit (unless covered in sugar or chocolate to stop it from being sour), any vegetables (except potatoes) and any meat. She won't drink plain milk, or eat any sort of beans. She won't eat anything with too many components (like salads) or mixed textures (like a sandwich made with dry bread and creamy filling or chunky soup)

-She is always chewing on things and always has, but it makes her nauseous, yet she is compelled to keep chewing on things because it soothes her.

-She loves the feel of a toothbrush in her mouth and is always chewing on it and rubbing her cheeks and pallet with it.

-Dentists are a real problem and she has to have laughing gas every time they do any sort of work on her.

Everything is so varied with her, I just don't know what to do! Thank you for reading and responding.

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May 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

Has she been evaluated by an OT? I believe they could help with your issues. My daughter was oral defensive. For years i had to hold her down and place her head between my knees while holding her hands to do any oral care, it was a nightmare. I would only brush her teeth like once a week if even that, and still we don't do it every day although the OT gave us a special brush to work with and it helped. i no longer have to hold her down but still she hates me touching in her mouth.
i also felt like you and at times am still confused about how varied her behaviors are. it also makes it hard for me to get other people to understand her issues.
hope things have gotten better for you

Nov 27, 2009
oral difficulty
by: Anonymous

hello mary , i think that even, my daughter has similar problems, and even tactile etc...

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