Is this due to anxiety?

by Mary
(Winter Springs, FL)

I have a 12 year old daughter who received a diagnosis of SPD by a neuropsychologist this past summer. She has been receiving 1/2 hour of OT for six months. We discontinued it now because we had to pay out of pocket and so far the insurance is refusing to help us.

Her neurologist wants her to have a closed MRI and a lab test. We tried to do it with valium but she would not take it. As soon as they strapped her head down, she freaked. We then scheduled it with general anesthesia but she refused to leave the house. She also needs lab tests. I have also been told she has a nonverbal disability and is on the autism spectrum. She is on the high end close to Aspergers.

When she was age 4 and 5 I never had any trouble when she needed her vacines. I'm positive now that my daughter has been vaccine injured. We lived in England the first two years of her life and there was no mercury in their vaccines. I think one of her vaccines in the states has caused this.

Since 2nd grade she was diagnosed with ADHD. I finally decided something didn't seem right and wanted to rule out learning disabilities and hence the diagnosis changed. In refusing to leave for her MRI she lost her birthday party. My husband and I hated to be so mean but it is very important to get these tests done.

Has anyone else ever had a child like react like this? The hardest thing is my daughter can become very angry and attack physically and throw things. Fortunately she does not do this at school. Any help anyone can give me? My husband and I would be forever grateful.

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