Is this me?

My 7 yr old son was diagnosed with sensory integration issues when he was 5 years old. He had difficulty in school (with the lone exception of the special ed pre-school), was disruptive, emotional etc. We began working with the school to find out why. We tried him on medication for ADD but that was disastrous. Once we had the SI information and began working with that as a "diagnosis" we saw tremendous changes in our child.

I attended his parent teacher conference last fall. When I was describing the behaviors and academic difficulties they were concerned about, my mother responded "That sounds like what your teachers said about you."

I know (and have known for many years) that my social functioning is not "normal." As I read more about SPD to understand how to help my child, I realize that I am reading about me.

Any suggestions for coping with and changing behaviors? I am on the other side of 35. Most of the literature seems to relate to children.


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