Is This What I Have??

by Neely

I finally wrote about my problem on a parenting website and someone directed me here. I just thought it was normal the way I was feeling... like everyone feels this way or I was just a bit more sensitive. I have noticed though that I don't have a lot of the symptoms as well. I am not sensitive to light or sound. It is touch.

It is so hard for me to sit and read a story to my children. They touch me. I don't mind a hug but it is the ticklish feeling when they touch me lightly. I have 3 children that sit around me and listen to the story and I constantly panicking because they touch me. I am always moving their hands or asking them to move over to avoid the touch. I can't stand being tickled. It is the worst feeling in the world. When breastfeeding my daughter I get a sensation in my legs that I can't stand. I have to rub my feet together to the point of making them bleed so I don't feel the sensation or I flip out. No one can go near my legs while breastfeeding! If they do I snap.

I remember back in high school a friend of mine's feet would touch me while sitting on the couch. I wouldn't have minded if his legs were draped over me but his feet would come close to touching me and I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything else until he

moved them away. I will be soooo relieved if this is what I have because then I can address it and maybe start enjoying my childrens touch.

Could this be what I have if I don't have the other symptoms?

The simple answer is YES, you could indeed have tactile defensiveness. You can indeed have one aspect of SPD, difficulty processing tactile input (touch) without having other areas.

The more complicated... are you absolutely SURE you do not have ANY other signs of SPD? It is possible, but fairly rare that this is the ONLY symptom. I just want you to make sure, ok? Fill out BOTH checklists... The SPD Checklist for all ages, and the The Adult SPD Checklist. If you indeed do NOT have other symptoms, this could be an isolated incident of defensiveness. In this case, there are things you can do very easily, maybe even on your own to treat this. But, before I get into those, I would love to hear some feedback on the checklists so I can best advise you from here, ok?

Let me know ANY other symptoms you check off on the two checklists. Then we can proceed from here.

Thanks for writing and looking for possible answers so you can relate in a different way to your kids. That is important! I feel "bad" that no one ever told you there was something you could about this and that you have experienced this "pain" for so long. I hope we can help!

Take care.

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