by Robin

My daughter was diagnosed with ISD at age 2, They are trying to say she has ADHD she tested Mild for this, but high for anxiety now at age 9. Her behavior is out of control, not mean, its like when you speak to her I cant get through, she says she understands but then 2 secs later will do the bad behavior. When I try to talk to her to explain what she did wrong or she tells me a story it changes all the time, Its makes no sense and I get frustrated because I feel I cant get her to understand what I'm saying and this scares me, shes loaded with energy, it's almost like she is struggling daily because she comes across like this problem child but I feel she is being misdiagnosed. She is smart but doesn't care to apply it, she won't practice her sports or singing but could be incredible if she would apply herself, she is extremely athletic and my list could go on.

It makes no sense to me based on what the doctors say and they won't listen to me and the school is just pushing her through, she is unorganized, complains all the time, seems to not understand right from wrong that a 4 year old would already understand. its almost like shes 4 or 5 not 9 I'm lost what to do, and everyone just wants to throw her on meds which she reverse reacts on ADHD meds so I wont allow it. Any Suggestions

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