Issues with symmetry

by Peg
(New Jersey)

I am the Vice Principal of an elementary school. We have a first grader who has been diagnosed with SPD, however there are times in his behavior that his teacher and others who have observed it, feel there is more going on than just that. One of the issues that has sent him off into long periods of crying and wailing, and eventually throwing himself on the floor, is a a problem he has with any art work he creates that isn't perfectly symmetrical. Other non-symmetrical things don't evoke this reaction (bulletin board hangings, desk configurations, etc.)

We want to do what we can to understand this child and assist him in every way possible, but we would like confirmation from someone that this can be attributed to his SPD. Parent thinks so, but to us there may be other things happening with this child. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Jan 13, 2010
a question for Peg
by: Anonymous

Peg, I cannot respond to your question; however, I have a question for you, should you have the time to address it. I have a Kindergarten child who has recently been diagnosed with SPD. No other issues; just SPD. We too are in NJ. We currently have a 504 in place. My question is, can you explain the differences between a 504 vs. an IEP, with NJ laws. Does the need for OT service alone warrant an IEP in the state of NJ?
Also, what other benefits might my child recieve should he have an IEP?

My thoughts are, he might better be prepared for 1st grade if he had an IEP & resource room now in Kindergarten. With a 504, how & what can I get him that would better prepare him for the longer 1st grade day?
Please explain in lay terms, as the legal jargon overwhelms me!
Thank you.

Jan 13, 2010
by: mo2g

Sounds like it could be OCD. My 7yo is diagnosed w/ OCD and anxiety disorder w/ possible ADHD and a secondary diagnosis of sensory integration issues, officially. I don't currently have her in treatment for the OCD as the psychiatrist and I thought that the OCD would get better w/ the occupational therapy for the sensory issues. It has improved some, but we are moving toward some kind of cognitive behavioral therapy. Tomorrow my DD is being tested for visual issues by a trained vision therapist (also an eye doc).

It might be a good idea for you to have the student retested and re-evaluated by a psychiatrist, vision therapist and an OT. Things change and what might have seemed like the major problem a year ago might have gotten better and what didn't seem to be an issue before might be now. OCD varies from person to person and from day to day. Good luck.

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