It all makes sense now...

by Wendy
(Maine, USA)

It was always difficult raising my daughter who is now 9. Even now she can't stand wearing tags on her clothes, she won't wear stiff or new clothes (I don't think she has ever worn a turtleneck), she doesn't like having her hair brushed, she used to wear sandals with socks, I have to buy her seamless socks, it took us 4 years to get her to step barefoot in the sand and to walk barefoot in the grass, she would never play in the sandbox, I always thought she was very neat as a baby because she would hate being dirty, she never made messes and she was the easiest child ever to potty train because she hated being in a dirty diaper. I know I'm rambling but I am finally beginning to understand after all these years.

I am looking forward to knowing more about this disorder.


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