It confirmed some things

by Ada
(Tallahassee, Fl)

I was talking to lady one time and telling her about my son. She said it sounded just like her son and sent me on the quest to find out about this disorder. OH MY WORD was all I could say. I showed my husband and he could not believe how it nailed our 8 yr old. We literally fed him his cake at 2 years old because he refused to touch it. He almost threw up in preschool when they put finger paint on his hand for a hand print. They said he went white and started gagging. He whines when you barely touch him, he doesn't like going to football games,he is terrified of any new know, the list could go on and on. I looked at this list about 9 months ago and have come back to it recently as we are starting to have some serious problems with him and are having to start counseling and all kinds of testing.

I remember when I went over the list last time thinking "that is so me" and it really explained why I am the way I am and why I do and don't do things. This time as I was going over it, I saw our 6 year old, but on the complete opposite spectrum. He is the one that can't stop making noises, screams to thrown higher, punches harder than you can imagine, constantly ask "what?", has to have his name

called several times, loves to be tickled...again it could continue.

My husband and I decided long before we had children that we would be homeschoolers. I must say, I am so thankful we did it. The year we sent our oldest to preschool was not fun. We felt we must do it because he wouldn't even look at people, but almost every day he said he didn't want to go but he at least got to where he would look and talk to people. On the other side, when we sent the younger one to preschool, he was mister social. Thankfully his teacher had been teaching for 30+ years so she could handle him. However, he broke something she said that had endured many children and she had never seen a kid that was so strong. SO why am I glad I home school, because I know where each of my kids would have ended up in public school or in private school. I am a product of private school (age 3 until I graduated highschool) and I was a special education teacher in the public school until I had kids. I wouldn't want what either had to offer them at this age. Hopefully we will be able to make great strides over the next several years so that they can be successful out of the house for highschool and college.

Thank you for this site and I look forward to referencing it over the next several years.

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